Far too many Oregonians don’t have health care.

And people with insurance coverage may not be as secure as they think they are.

The pioneering ballot initiative filed by Health Care for All-Oregon will ensure comprehensive affordable quality health care for all Oregon residents by providing payment for medically necessary health services.

American health care is sick

• Double-digit increases in health care insurance premiums — again.

• Managed care was going to be the answer — now it’s the problem.

• More than one in six Oregonians had no health insurance during 1998, and one in four of them was a child. A patient’s bill of rights will only benefit people who already have insurance.

• Even people with coverage have problems. Many are only a pink slip away from losing it. Insurance companies are reducing benefits and increasing premiums. Patients are denied needed care by insurance company staff, and often cannot choose their doctors.

• Medical bills are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy filings.

• 25% of total health expenditures are spent on advertising, outrageous CEO salaries, shareholder profits and burdensome paperwork for both the insurance companies and the providers.

The Oregon Comprehensive Health Care Finance Act
will ensure access to comprehensive affordable quality health care for all Oregon residents by providing payment for all medically necessary health services.

• Universality — All residents of the state of Oregon are eligible to participate.

• Security — Health care that cannot be taken away if you change jobs, retire, or have a pre-existing condition.

• Choice = Quality — Residents can choose care from any state licensed, certified, or registered traditional or alternative health care practitioner. Preventive care is a priority.

• Affordability — Progressive tax on payroll and income tax dedicated to the plan will cost most individuals and businesses less than they spend now.

Comprehensive benefits

• The plan covers all medically necessary health services including:

• preventive care
• prescription drugs
• inpatient and outpatient
• mental health care
• dental and vision services
• alternative care
• long-term care

• Health care practitioners will be free and independent in the private sector, free to spend their time on patient care, not paperwork.

• Will I be able to choose my own doctor? You can see any state licensed, certified, or registered health care practitioner, and you can change providers if you are not satisfied.

Financing dedicated to health care

• Money that federal, state, and local governments now spend on health care will provide nearly half the money to finance comprehensive health services for all Oregon residents.

• A progressive tax on payroll will take the place of current employer health insurance premiums.

• A progressive tax on taxable income will be paid by Oregonians with incomes above 150% of the federal poverty level.
• No exclusions for pre-existing conditions.
• No co-pays.
• No deductibles.
• No eligibility hassles.

Won’t I pay more?

Most people will actually pay less for health care. This tax replaces health insurance premiums, co-payments, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses for such items as prescription drugs, alternative care, and mental health.

Won’t this cost too much?

No — It will actually cost less. We already spend enough money on health care to cover everyone. Nine studies found that a publicly funded system can provide quality care for everyone for no more money than our current system costs. How? Primarily by drastically reducing the 25% of health care expenditures that are currently spent for insurance companies’ advertising, paperwork, shareholder profits, CEO salaries, etc., as well as providers’ burdensome paperwork.

Every other industrialized nation provides universal health care. We are spending more and getting less.

How’s your health security?

• Would you still have health insurance if you lost or changed your job?

• Are your benefits as good as they were five years ago?

• Is your insurance company reducing benefits or increasing premiums?

• Are you covered for the costs of long-term care or a major illness?

• Will Medicare take care of all your health needs during retirement?

Our pioneering ballot initiative guaranties all
Oregonians equal access to
lifelong and secure medical coverage

• The initiative establishes an independent nonprofit public corporation. Its Board of Directors — ten elected, five appointed by the governor, including a consumer advocate — will administer the system.

• The Board will negotiate compensation with health care practitioners and facilities, and will establish quality control and cost containment programs.

• Costs will be controlled by simplifying the billing system, establishing a global budget, limiting administrative costs to 5%, and negotiating the bulk purchase of pharmaceutical drugs.

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