Health Care for ALL – Oregon circulators have reached 51 percent of our required 67,000 signatures! CHEERS to EVERYONE for great efforts and rounding up 34,168 signatures.

The Metro area (Clackamas, Washington and Multnomah) has 11,285 signatures.
Lane County …13,108 signatures.
Rogue Valley (Jackson and Josephine) … 3,549 signatures.
Benton and Linn Counties … 4,078 signatures.

With the NEW YEAR just a few days away, we will want to get started again full swing. We have six months to go! That means we must collect 5,472 signatures per month to reach the 67,000 goal by July 1, 2002. Of course, we all know that we MUST collect many more signatures to allow for errors, so let’s start 2002 with a BANG! [We estimate we need 80,000 signatures to allow for those that will be thrown out by the state due to errors. — L.P.]

PLEASE encourage everyone to check for these errors which seem to be increasing:

Omission of city and zip code.
Signing on wrong county petition form.
Circulator omitting signature, printed name and address. We lost 12 signatures on four forms this roundup because the circulator did not sign the petition.

It would be a BIG help if area coordinators could check the petitions for these kinds of errors BEFORE they are sent to me. I would appreciate your help. It takes many hours to review EVERY petition form for errors and omissions, and we don’t want to lose ANY signatures.