At the time of writing this overview the most expensive property currently on the market in Naples Florida is listed for $51,900,000.00. You read that correctly, just a pinch shy of fifty-two million dollars. This property is currently listed on Zillow, one of the countries leading property advertising portals nationally.

This house is located on Gordon Drive in Naples Florence as has been named La Capanna by its current owners. It was built in 1999 across 1.55 acres and boasts a raft of features to make any buyer happy. Advertised as a single family home, it has six bedrooms and eight full bathrooms along with six half baths which are due to the number of people that are entertained on a regular basis at the property.

The overall floor size of this impressive property is 18,172 square feet and has a total of 24 rooms throughout the estate. Installed within the house are electric heating, a rarely used item, and central cooling. Of the property, 820 square feet have been allocated to the five-car garage, and a must have for those that love their cars.

This home resides in the gated community of Port Royal, and Zillow predicts that its price value will increase by 16.3% throughout the next 12 months. Although built in 19999 it was last seen on the market back in 2011 where it was purchased for $27,300,000.00, in other words, the property has been valued for sale at 24 million 600 thousand dollars more than it was back in 2011. This equates to roughly a 3.5 million dollar property value increase per year.

The property has a fantastic pool that overlooks the Naples beach and also has direct access to the beach. Other benefits of living here include an indoor cinema, beachside games area, a guest house, and stunning two-story rotonda, a 500 bottle wine room, an interactive fountain with LED lighting.

The pool is an infinity pool that has a poolside cabana that includes a full-size kitchen. The house also features a full mahogany bar complete with marble bar tops and marble flooring.

When it comes to luxury, there has been no costs spared, and renovations and maintenance appear to be completed on a regular basis due to the fresh look of the property. While closer access to the property is not allowed due to the security teams that run the gated community, sights from the gate line show an impressive structure that is worthy of such a hefty price tag.

I am unsure of what the staffing levels would be, and I guess that would depend on the size of the family, however I would suspect that between kitchen and cleaning staff, pool maintenance and grounds work that a house staff of 6 – 8 full time would be near the range, unless there are other extravagant needs of the owners. I am unsure as to how long this property will be on the market for, although it appears to have been listed for the past two years with no firm sale in sight as yet.